August 20, 2019

Eli Content - a mensch 24. August - 28. September 2019 Opening Saturday 24. August 4-6 pm     

In 2018 Content produced his first self-portrait: a symbolic portrait, nearly a caricature of him- self as a painter who does away with rules and expectations, not only in relation to painting but also regarding his self-imposed ban on representation. For years that restriction was the point of departure for his abstract work. But gradually this had changed. The world had become a richer place, Content discovered, and he wanted to give expression to the countless images he envis- aged. Furthermore, he believed that an artist need not limit himself to a single style. With the exhibition a mensch, on view at Galerie Onrust from 24 August to 28 September, Content shows the outcome of these surprising developments and ideas in a series of portraits and figures.

February 23, 2019

Past exhibition:     

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