November 20, 2019

Gijs Frieling, Emma Talbot, Derk Thijs – Starhawk’s Backyard 22. November – 28. December 2019 Opening Friday 22. November 4-7 pm     

Starhawk’s Backyard

Nature is no longer the background against which our history takes place; now it has taken its own command of the stage. This idea, expressed by the French philosopher Bruno Latour, plays a key role in the surprising exhibition Starhawk's

Backyard, where Gijs Frieling, Emma Talbot and Derk Thijs investigate the equality of man and nature via their work. It started with an examination of the spirit of the times; issues concerning nature have rarely been more urgent, after all, now that we are being faced with the climate crisis and a dark view of the future every day. But gradually the artists began to reflect mainly on what nature actually is, since it is being experienced increasingly as something separate from us, but within our control. It's as though we aim to experience what we ourselves don't seem to be part of.

Departing from their shared view of the urgency of this theme and a common fondness for meandering lines and organic shapes, the artists entered into a dialogue. While remaining true to their individual perspectives, they gave inspiration and definition to each other's ideas. As such the works produced within this context, specially for this exhibition, can be seen independently, but they also make up one big installation in which all sorts of issues are raised without the suggestion of clear answers.

In Starhawk's Backyard, a title both futuristic and combative – Starhawk being the pseudonym of an American environmental activist – the artists fantasize about the future, about nature as a primal autonomous force, in the chain of which we are only a small link. But also about nature being closer than we think. Our own backyard, after all, can be both a private enclosure and a shadowy place not meant for peering eyes; in that sense, it can stand for our own responsibility. Starhawk's Backyard is an ode to growth, to non-rational mysticism and to the power of the earth and the imagination – but especially to creation, which is where all life begins.

Text Esther Darley


Beth O'Brien


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